Congratulations on new job wishes

Congratulations on new job wishes

May your new job be exciting and fun, may you accomplish all that is yet to be done. May you get success by the ton, may you become employee number one. Congratulations.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your new job. I knew a prize like this could only be intended for you!

All the studying in college has paid off for you! I'm so happy that you've finally got a job you always wanted.

Always take a firm stance, never leave anything to chance. Always deliver what you promise, never do anything remiss. Always be willing to take initiative, never do anything manipulative. Remember this when you start your new job, let the motivation within you throb. Congratulations.

New challenges and a new opportunities, it is time to leave behind the slackers and the dummies. A better job and a better pay, your destiny has finally showed you the way. A new job is not just about perfect timing, it is about celebrating a wonderful new beginning. Congratulations.

A few words of wisdom as you begin your new job – there are two types of employees. The first type always get what others want to give and the second type always get what they want. Which one are you going to be?

Good things await great people. Your hallowed new office is nothing but a sign of your kindness. Be good and greater things will come to you. Congratulations.